Friday, February 26, 2016

Pure Rubbish

We had hardly survived the wrath of Donald Trump against all of us Moslems before it was the folks in Lubbock, Texas up in arms about Arabs and their Language. Someone displayed a sign in Arabic declaring “Love to all” and Texans read hate and danger as the message behind that slogan. Here is an example of how the incident was reported:
Banner Bearing Arabic Message of Love Reported to Homeland Security and FBI: Officials in Lubbock, Texas, shut down traffic and called for an investigation in response to a publicly displayed banner.
I know you don’t believe me. Here is the link. Go ahead and read it for yourself:

You would be forgiven to ask what was wrong with declaring “Love to all” on Valentine’s Day. Let me share a secret about the sick logic of those behind the ruse. In the Arabic language there is an accepted linguistic trick that may well be applicable here. It involves the speaker taking poetic license by using the opposite word of what one wants to say but would rather avoid saying. Just bear with me while I illustrate this slight of linguistic hand for you: Like Arabs, their desert snakes tend to be nasty in the extreme.  One bite from one of those shiny orange ones with the baklava-shaped* marking on its head and you better say your good-byes in a hurry. Now guess what Arabs call a man bitten by a snake? They call him ‘saleem’. In the original, that is Arabic for ‘healthy’ or ‘well.’ How more sick can you get, figuratively and literally speaking?

To the few among us who keep track of the underhanded ways of Arabs -- and you have to know their impossible language and its devious Islamic underpinnings to be able to do that -- it is no surprise that Arabs and Moslems are targeting Lubbock, the pulsating heart of all that America stands for: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The conspiracy is much wider than anyone realizes though. It all started in 2008 when the Arabs managed to sneak an undercover Moslem into the White House. “Allahu Akbar,”** is all I say to that! They then looked at the United States’ political structure and decided to cover the opposite side of the spectrum as well. They wanted to gain the sympathies of the conservatives as well. That is when they decided to go to the heart of the matter, so to speak. Very few people know it, of course, but you ask the leadership of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the former commanders of Saddam Hussein’s Palace Guards, and they will share a dark secret with you***: For five years, two months and twenty-four days****, they kept Saddam’s heart in liquid nitrogen and then snuck it in to be inserted in Dick Cheney’s chest when he needed a transplant. Need I tell you that Cheney’s behavior has changed since he had an Arab heart in his chest? How many “hunting accidents” has he had with his fellow Muslim President?!

You speak to any Arab and they will admit to being guilty as charged: They will admit, if not declare proudly, that their Quran with its poetry and eloquence and all the wisdom that they claim it is chuck full of, exemplifies the highest achievement of the Arabic language. They, Muslims and Arabs, -- and believe you me, you cannot tell the two apart, especially when all their women walk around in black mini-tents and their men wear those colorful big turbans with bands under their bushy beards to hold them in place***** -- will tell you, if they know how to speak in the first place, that their holy book and its language is the only miracle that their prophet ever claimed to have performed. So, let us step back and look at their mess for a moment: Their Arabic language is so darn mixed up with their religion and their religion so inseparable from their daily lives that it is enough to give a Texan sheriff a headache if not a scare. And that, in short, is exactly what has happened.

“Love to all!” Who are they fooling?! And the sneakiness is a basic trait of all Semitics. I am not sure if the two were connected, but I swear to you, on the same fateful day I saw an ambulance on the streets of New York that had “Hatzala” written on it in big Hebrew letters. The term meant “saving” people's lives. I started running but my companion, an American of European extraction who couldn't read Hebrew, stopped me. I translated the term for him and expressed my fear of the opposite intentions of the ambulance operators.  He reassured me. Those in the ambulance must be out collecting the blood of healthy Christian children for their matzoth******, he explained. I had nothing to fear since I didn’t qualify on all three counts, he reassured me.

* The Middle-Eastern sweet comes in diamond-shaped bite-size pieces.
** An expression meaning “God is great” used by Moslems to express amazement.
*** If they trust you enough, that is.
**** The period between the hanging of Saddam Hussein and the operation in which Dick Cheney received a heart implant from an anonymous donor.
***** Since 9/11 several attacks on Sikhs in the USA, including one death, have been reported based on them being mistaken for Moslems.

****** This is the mother of all anti-Semitic blood libels based on which pogroms were committed against Jewish communities in Europe.

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