Friday, October 25, 2013

Castrate Them All

This morning’s portion of news articles collated by Dorothy Naor of Newprofile is alarming: Palestinian physicians are officially maligned in Israel. Take a look at Haaretz:

Channel 10’s main news broadcast last Wednesday evening reported that the National Civilian Service Administration had ordered its religiously observant women volunteers not to work after 9 P.M. According to the news broadcast, this decision was made by the Lehava anti-assimilation organization after “reports were received about intimate relationships between young women performing their national service and Arab physicians in the hospitals where they volunteered,” as reported on the Nana 10 online portal. The website quoted one of the rabbis as having said in the past, “I’m hearing horrible stories about good girls.” The head of the National Civilian Service Administration made sure to mention that the decision was made with the blessing of the minister in charge, Naftali Bennett.

And Palestinian lawyers are targeted for detention left and right in the OPT.
Of the classic elite triad in Palestinian society only architects go scot-free. Here is the likely plot for snaring the sneaky buggers (Pardon the vulgarity, but I am a physician and it irks me to see lesser professionals escape Israel’s dragnet):
It all started in the city of Sakhnin where the regional planning committee is located. It is made up exclusively of Arab representatives of the Arab member communities. Thank goodness the Interior ministry had appointed a Jewish head for the group with all the attendant arbitrary powers to restrain their freakiness. Someone has to hold the reins lest these scums of the earth with degrees in architecture from sundry East European make-believe institutes despoil our women and sully the purity of our virgin girls. Haven’t you heard of Arab physicians on night duty luring Jewish nurses to bed so often that the responsible ministry had to issue an edict banning those innocent girls from working night shifts? It is a shame we have to resort to such self-punishing steps to guard the purity of the race in this specific case. At least in Yehuda and Shomron, where our female lawyers and judges are at risk of being lured by Palestinian imposters that call themselves lawyers, we can put them in preventive detention forever or, at least, till our women drop from their excited hormonal highs.
And now we have these fake architects. Look at all the mini minarets and domes that so many of their planned palaces have. If those are not phallic symbols I don’t know what is. Look at a village like Arrabeh! Not one but eight mosques, for Gosh sake! And each with its own pointed high minaret or two. What is that all for if not to spite us? Every time I drive by I experience the pain that they surely intended to cause us. Personally, I am not sure if I find it all that exciting. But think what an imaginative young woman could feel. And what Arab village home doesn’t have those suggestive multiple arches. Look at the fancy sweep each pillar between the arches fans out to hint at in the deeply suggestive sexuality of their entire architectural style. What does the upward flare of each column say but ‘climax!’
Speaking of which, think of the three consecutive earthquakes that shook Tiberius over the week. What is that if not the work of Palestinian architects and engineers. They are digging their tunnels from the basements of their homes in Gaza clear across to Iran. Who said it doesn’t shake the foundations of our vulnerable country? Palestinian engineers and architects are an existential threat to the Jewish state in more ways than one. Something has to be done about all of that. It has to be stemmed at source, nipped in the bud, in the filthy minds of their jihadist architects. The Knesset should be able to pass a law to castrate all Arab architects and civil engineers. Period!