Monday, October 20, 2008

Reviews of my Book ‘A Doctor in Galilee’

The following is a list of the reviews of my book which carries the same name as this blog. It is an attempt to collate all published reviews, laudatory or critical. Considering the relative speed of the electronic media and the recent date of my book's publication (July, 2008), most reviews so far have appeared on the Internet and I provide their links below.

1. Editorial Reviews

2. Two customer reviews on by Robert Stiver (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA) and Dr. Ben Alofs (Bangor, North Wales, UK):

3. Review by Jim Miles (Canada) for the Palestine Chronicle:

4. Review by Raymond Deane, Irish composer, author and activist, for the Electronic Intifada:

5. Review by Dr. Derek Summerfield (London, UK) for Palestine News.

6. Review by Steve Andrews (UK) for The Morning Star.

7. Review by Sally Bland for The Jordan Times,

8. Review by Dr. Khalil Nakhli on the occasion of my book launch in Ramallah. This was posted on several websites. One is that of Palestine Chronicle:

9. Janet Walker’s Review for Badil's Quarterly 'Al Majdal'

10. Sarah Irving Review on Friends of Al-Aqsa website:

A shorter version was also published in Health Matters. Both versions are available on Irving's website at the following link:

11.The Lancet, Volume 373, Issue 9666, Pages 799 - 800, 7 March 2009
A Palestinian physician's memoir of life in Israel
Emma Williams

Few more are in the pipeline and I will update the list as they are published.

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